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The backlash against solar companies by California’s public utilities

Transitioning from the old way of doing things to the new way proves difficult when opposing parties having different interests. And when the government is involved, situations can grow even more stressful. Recently, public utilities in California have lashed back against solar panel companies. Companies like Southern California Edison who have long enjoyed near monopoly power in California, argue that they face…

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Saving Money With Solar Panels

It’s hard to find precise data about how much you can save with a solar installation. Sure, everyone says “Yeah, you can save money with solar panels! Switch to solar. It’s worth it.” But do people actually know the numbers to behind saving money with solar panels? Finding these stats isn’t easy on the internet,…

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California firm funds 2 solar projects in isles

Santa Barbara, Calif.-based Wiser Capital said Wednesday it has funded two large-scale commercial solar projects in Hawaii as it looks to service more commercial photovoltaic in the state. Wiser Capital, a financial services firm specializing in solar, has invested more than $3.6 million in five solar systems in three different states with nearly half of…

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