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Solar Powered References

Everyone knows the environmental benefits of going green, but John taught us the financial benefits of a commercial solar installation. We’re combining solar power, batteries, and car chargers. It’s a complex project, with multiple moving parts. John said his advice was more peace of mind than anything else, and in the end he was right. Business Owner, Yorba Linda, CA – System – 57 kW Solar Power + 30 kW /40 kWh Energy Storage

I feel like the decision we made – reaching out to John after reading about him online – was the right decision. We’re expecting to earn $250,000 in the first year, from our roof, because of solar power. Business Owner, Secure Storage, Seamus Woods, Brewster, MA – System – 746 kW Solar Power

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I’ll do a preliminary design and rough pricing to determine if we are a good fit.
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Going green CAN save green, but it’s a minefield that we need people like John to help us navigate. I can’t thank him enough for thinking this through with me. Home Owner, James Hammons Jr., Texas