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Installing solar panels on commercial buildings: Part 2 – Solar Tax Credits and Benefits

By John Fitzgerald Weaver | July 30, 2019

We figured out how much rooftop solar we could build in Part 1, and that it made a rough financial sense. Now it’s time to step up the level of work to professional level, which means we will investigate solar tax credits and benefits that might be available to us. And while you’re learning here,…

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Fifteen days to get paid for your home energy storage in Rhode Island and Massachusetts

By John Fitzgerald Weaver | July 21, 2019

National Grid’s ConnectedSolutions program seeks to pay energy storage owners up to $400-kW during high grid demand events in Rhode Island, and $225 in Massachusetts.   The grid’s edge is taking a growing share of the revenue, and for good technical reason. California’s home mandate will accelerate this as solar power pricing plummets when integrated…

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Massachusetts solar growth a boulder strewn climb

By John Fitzgerald Weaver | June 27, 2019

Massachusetts is fighting the good fight, climbing the mountain toward building a distributed energy system of solar and energy storage combined with utility scale wind, solar, hydro, and imports – while still of course being dependent in all ways on the current fossil infrastructure. State actions include – but are in no way limited to…

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Installing solar panels on commercial buildings: Part 1 – Feasibility Analysis

By John Fitzgerald Weaver | June 16, 2019

Step 1 – Feasibility Analysis: Solar power on self storage in Massachusetts (See Step 2 when you’re done)Installing solar panels for commercial buildings is a complex process, but the work pays off. Commercial Solar Guy helped Secure Storage install 2,006 solar panels on top of their self storage location in Brewster, Massachusetts. When Seamus –…

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If we ask nicely, wind+solar+storage can run the power grid

By John Fitzgerald Weaver | February 11, 2019

Research shows that a combination of wind, solar and energy storage can provide the seven fundamental services needed to run the power grid at levels ranging from “Good” through “Excellent”. The old trope is that you can’t replace the inertia of the rotating mass of metal that makes up a generator – because that’s what…

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