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The Best of Solar: Weekly Roundup

By Sarah Athanas | August 13, 2019

Happy Tuesday folks, this is Sarah with your weekly roundup of Commercial Solar Guy’s best industry reporting. In this week, Texas goes big (as always) extending tax support for solar power, and also allows for ownership of energy storage assets. SolarEdge reports significant growth in the first half of 2019, and expects the trajectory to…

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Image of solar panels energy storage

Best of Solar: Weekly Roundup

By Sarah Athanas | August 6, 2019

Hey folks, Sarah here with your weekly solar roundup of the best of Commercial Solar Guy’s reporting from the previous week. In this roundup we see a new study comparing energy storage in California and Texas.  Enphase announces a plan to move into home energy management, and the city of Calistoga, CA seeks to add…

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aerial image of solar development

The Best in Solar: Weekly Roundup

By Sarah Athanas | July 30, 2019

Hey folks, this is Sarah here, delivering your weekly summary of Commercial Solar Guy’s best solar industry news. Last week we saw 14 project bids approved in North Carolina, Con Ed taking customers offline to deal with the heat wave in NYC, and a never seen before DC:AC ration in Simsbury, Connecticut. Oklahoma’s Skeleton Creek…

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Installing solar panels on commercial buildings: Part 2 – Solar Tax Credits and Benefits

By John Fitzgerald Weaver | July 30, 2019

We figured out how much rooftop solar we could build in Part 1, and that it made a rough financial sense. Now it’s time to step up the level of work to professional level, which means we will investigate solar tax credits and benefits that might be available to us. And while you’re learning here,…

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Fifteen days to get paid for your home energy storage in Rhode Island and Massachusetts

By John Fitzgerald Weaver | July 21, 2019

National Grid’s ConnectedSolutions program seeks to pay energy storage owners up to $400-kW during high grid demand events in Rhode Island, and $225 in Massachusetts.   The grid’s edge is taking a growing share of the revenue, and for good technical reason. California’s home mandate will accelerate this as solar power pricing plummets when integrated…

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RSS Commercial Solar Guy on the Web:

  • Making fudge with the smartest people on earth
    NREL opened the doors as scientists spoke of advancing perovskites with fundamental research, fast drying solar inks, refining solar windows, and actively pushing into high speed, high volume manufacturing capacity on the multi-terawatt scale.
  • Virginia is for lovers (of solar power)
    The State of Virginia has announced a procurement of 345 MWac of solar power from three solar projects under developing, and one pending, with 20-year power purchase agreements starting at 3.4¢/kWh.
  • New York City trades gas plant for the world’s largest battery
    Regulators have approved Ravenwood Development to build a 316 MW / 2,528 MWh energy storage facility across the East River from Manhattan to replace two gas peaker plants in Queens.

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