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solar power and cyber attacks

Solar Power and Cyber Attacks: Is it time to worry?

By Sarah Athanas | November 5, 2019

Is it time to worry about the cybersecurity of your solar system? As it turns out, solar power is not immune to the risk of cyber attacks. In March, the Sustainable Power Group (sPower) observed communication outages between their centralized monitoring center and several wind and solar power plants. Further investigation by the company revealed…

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Residential Solar Panels

Residential Solar Power in the US is Growing

By Sarah Athanas | October 29, 2019

Happy Tuesday readers! This week, we’re going to take a look at the massive growth in the residential solar power market in the US. More and more residents in the United States see the value in residential solar power. As Commercial Solar Guy has observed in the past, this makes a lot of sense given…

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solar panels SMART program MA

National Grid’s handling of the SMART program under scrutiny in Massachusetts

By Sarah Athanas | October 22, 2019

Happy Tuesday readers! This week we are back to our home state of Massachusetts to report on National Grid and why its handling of the SMART program is under scrutiny. The Massachusetts Department of Public Utilities (DPU) has opened an audit to determine whether the company has competently managed the roll out of the Solar…

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California energy shortage

California projects energy shortfalls in 2020

By Sarah Athanas | October 15, 2019

Happy Tuesday, friends. Last week, the state of California was a big topic in solar news. The state is predicting energy shortfalls during peak electricity use hours (5pm-7pm) starting in September of 2020. On top of that, Pacific Gas & Electric has begun to power down the homes and workplaces of Californians living in high-risk…

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New England solar

It’s time for New England to step up it’s solar

By Sarah Athanas | October 8, 2019

Greetings and happy Tuesday! This week in solar, we’re going to look at our fair home region of New England. Doing its part to mitigate climate change, New England has set an aggressive regional goal of 80% reduction of greenhouse gases by 2050. According to a recent report by the Brattle Group, this means we…

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