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solar power o&m costs

Is it becoming more affordable to operate and maintain solar?

By Sarah Athanas | September 17, 2019

Happy Tuesday! We’re back with your weekly solar industry highlights. At the PV Operations Conference in Dallas, Robb Wilson of sPower gave a presentation showing how solar power operations and maintenance costs have declined in recent years. His presentation is important because if solar power installations are more affordable to maintain, they will easily become…

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FreightFarms - True Value Test

Are energy efficiency programs truly valuable? The Total Value Test seeks to find out.

By Sarah Athanas | September 10, 2019

Hey folks, this is Sarah with your solar industry highlights from the past week. One development worth noting– the Brattle Group has published a True Value Test, aimed at determining the true economic value of energy-efficient programs and development. This could encourage more cities and municipalities to take the leap in greening their energy supply.…

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solar station in Texas

Best in Solar: Weekly Roundup

By Sarah Athanas | September 3, 2019

Greetings and welcome to the workweek! Here’s your best in solar, a weekly roundup of Commercial Solar Guy’s reporting from the previous week. This week we see solar and wind continuing their trend towards world dominance: Indiana spurns a gas plant proposal in favor of wind and solar, and a Department of Energy report confirms…

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CALSSA - Merced City School District

Best in Solar: Weekly Roundup

By Sarah Athanas | August 27, 2019

Hello and happy Tuesday! Here’s your weekly roundup of the best in Commercial Solar Guy’s industry reporting. In this week, we see North Carolina taking an important step to green its electric grid by releasing a draft clean energy plan. Moving further north, Wisconsin regulators approved the Cardinal-Hickory Creek transmission line, which would run from…

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California solar + school buses

The Best of Solar: Weekly Roundup

By Sarah Athanas | August 20, 2019

Happy Tuesday! This is Sarah with your weekly solar roundup– the best of Commercial Solar Guy’s industry reporting on the interwebs. This week, we see Apple sign a big purchase agreement with Swinerton Renewable Energy, and California facing an energy capacity shortfall during peak hours as it moves aggressively towards renewables. In other California energy…

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RSS Commercial Solar Guy on the Web:

  • Making fudge with the smartest people on earth
    NREL opened the doors as scientists spoke of advancing perovskites with fundamental research, fast drying solar inks, refining solar windows, and actively pushing into high speed, high volume manufacturing capacity on the multi-terawatt scale.
  • Virginia is for lovers (of solar power)
    The State of Virginia has announced a procurement of 345 MWac of solar power from three solar projects under developing, and one pending, with 20-year power purchase agreements starting at 3.4¢/kWh.
  • New York City trades gas plant for the world’s largest battery
    Regulators have approved Ravenwood Development to build a 316 MW / 2,528 MWh energy storage facility across the East River from Manhattan to replace two gas peaker plants in Queens.

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