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Posts by Sarah Athanas

California projects energy shortfalls in 2020

California energy shortage

Happy Tuesday, friends. Last week, the state of California was a big topic in solar news. The state is predicting energy shortfalls during peak electricity use hours (5pm-7pm) starting in September of 2020. On top of that, Pacific Gas & Electric has begun to power down the homes and workplaces of Californians living in high-risk…

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It’s time for New England to step up it’s solar

New England solar

Greetings and happy Tuesday! This week in solar, we’re going to look at our fair home region of New England. Doing its part to mitigate climate change, New England has set an aggressive regional goal of 80% reduction of greenhouse gases by 2050. According to a recent report by the Brattle Group, this means we…

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Solar Power International 2019: Conference Highlights

ping pong at Solar Power International

Happy Tuesday folks! This week we have a special report from the Solar Power International (SPI) conference in Salt Lake City, UT. Our Commercial Solar Guy attended and spoke at a roundtable discussion on behalf of PV Magazine. As far as trade shows are concerned, it sounds like this one was a mega-success, with approximately…

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Rhode Island solar installation inspections reveal common issues

Rhode Island solar installation inspection

Hello readers! This week in your solar news update, we look at the recent Rhode Island solar installation inspections and what we can learn from them. Here’s the deal: National Grid’s Renewable Energy Growth program contracted with the Cadmus Group to inspect 100 solar installations in the state of Rhode Island. The group found that…

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Is it becoming more affordable to operate and maintain solar?

solar power o&m costs

Happy Tuesday! We’re back with your weekly solar industry highlights. At the PV Operations Conference in Dallas, Robb Wilson of sPower gave a presentation showing how solar power operations and maintenance costs have declined in recent years. His presentation is important because if solar power installations are more affordable to maintain, they will easily become…

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Best in Solar: Weekly Roundup

solar station in Texas

Greetings and welcome to the workweek! Here’s your best in solar, a weekly roundup of Commercial Solar Guy’s reporting from the previous week. This week we see solar and wind continuing their trend towards world dominance: Indiana spurns a gas plant proposal in favor of wind and solar, and a Department of Energy report confirms…

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