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America wants more solar power, according to Pew Research

America wants more solar power

Hey folks, welcome back from the holiday break. This week in solar news, a Pew Research survey finds that America wants more solar power. To be exact, 92% of Americans are in favor of more solar farms. The survey polled over 3600 people during the first weeks in October. Expanding wind energy farms also showed…

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Vermont leads the way in peer-to-peer solar power

Energy Marketplace - Vermont Green

Welcome to your weekly solar news brief. This week, Vermont really grabbed our attention with its Energy Marketplace – Vermont Green: a real-time, blockchain-verified energy marketplace. The peer-to-peer platform was launched by Green Mountain Power and allows businesses to purchase renewable energy credits from other customers who are generating within the region. The platform is…

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Looking for residential solar? Check out these beautiful panels.

Solaria's black residential solar panels in MA

Welcome to your weekly solar news report! This week, we’re going to take a look at the beautiful new residential solar panels from Solaria. Hopefully if you’re truly interested in residential solar, you wouldn’t let a silly thing like aesthetics hold you back. But wouldn’t it be great if you didn’t have to sacrifice the…

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Are bifacial solar panels worth it? JP Morgan thinks so

an example of bifacial solar panels

Greetings readers, and welcome to your weekly solar news update. This week we are looking at bifacial solar panels. In fact, JP Morgan Chase just completed a 2.8 MW bifacial solar panel roof installation at their Columbus, Ohio location. The solar installation will meet 18% of the location’s energy requirements. So are bifacial solar panels…

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Solar Power and Cyber Attacks: Is it time to worry?

solar power and cyber attacks

Is it time to worry about the cybersecurity of your solar system? As it turns out, solar power is not immune to the risk of cyber attacks. In March, the Sustainable Power Group (sPower) observed communication outages between their centralized monitoring center and several wind and solar power plants. Further investigation by the company revealed…

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Residential Solar Power in the US is Growing

Residential Solar Panels

Happy Tuesday readers! This week, we’re going to take a look at the massive growth in the residential solar power market in the US. More and more residents in the United States see the value in residential solar power. As Commercial Solar Guy has observed in the past, this makes a lot of sense given…

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