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Posts by John Fitzgerald Weaver

Japan building solar (freaking) parking lots

Way back in the day, the argument was that the global energy industry was too large for a simple technology as the ‘solar panel’ to scale and feed it. What’s that tiny little thing go to do when consider New York City’s power needs? Cute stuff. Today, we debate how to deal with too much…

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$17 billion a year to bail out the nukes

Trump wants to bail out nukes and coal plants because some old guy from Ohio is going bankrupt. $17 billion a year. This doesn’t build anything new. This doesn’t advance our actions. This simply takes your money and gives it to a dying industry. The whole of the solar power industry was $20-30 billion in…

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Former coal plant make wind turbine foundations

We’re going to see a bunch of announcements on various manufacturing sites connected with offshore wind turbine manufacturing along the costs. A local electrician that I share a beer with at the pub has been talking to me about becoming an offshore turbine technician. That’s about as cool as it gets it my book. Get…

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