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Posts by John Fitzgerald Weaver

Cost of solar power capital down 69 percent; strong economy, and learning curves abound

The term the industry strove for was investor grade. Anything otherwise suggests risk. Risk is expensive. Researcher at ETH Zurich, Florian Egli has published his first single authored publication – A dynamic analysis of financing conditions for renewable energy technologies. The analysis found that between the early period of the renewable finance industry (2000–2005) and…

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California and Australia are teaching the world how to deploy solar batteries with amazing speed

Australia and California are guiding the rest of the planet in how to deploy energy storage. And they’re doing it faster than any energy resources have been deployed prior. This week, Southern California Edison announced seven energy storage projects totaling 770 MW/3,080 MWh. The projects signed contracts with some of the nation’s largest electricity generation…

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Energy Resources is cruising through COVID, deploying enough batteries in 2021 to power Rhode Island for four hours

NextEra, the most valuable energy company in the United States and the nation’s largest renewable energy company, announced 8.2% year over year growth. This number was near the top end of the projections. Energy Resources, their wind+solar+storage subsidiary, grew 11.3%. The Energy Resources team added 1,590 MW to their construction backlog. This includes 600 MW…

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