America wants more solar power, according to Pew Research

America wants more solar power

America wants more solar power

Hey folks, welcome back from the holiday break. This week in solar news, a Pew Research survey finds that America wants more solar power. To be exact, 92% of Americans are in favor of more solar farms. The survey polled over 3600 people during the first weeks in October. Expanding wind energy farms also showed a high approval rate of 85%.

What this means

This finding comes at a time when Americans are increasingly polarized about everything, from climate change to healthcare. So it’s encouraging to see that solar power is seen as overwhelmingly positive by most Americans. Interestingly, when asked what one action we should do to address the country’s energy supply, 77% responded to develop renewables while 22% responded to expand fossil fuels. So it would seem we still have some work to do in getting that 22% to part with fossil fuels.

Solar power boasts strong public support and great potential for job creation. Up and coming (and established) politicians would be smart to get behind solar initiatives in their districts.

Read the full article on why America wants more solar power here.

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