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Vermont leads the way in peer-to-peer solar power

Energy Marketplace - Vermont Green

Energy Marketplace - Vermont Green

Welcome to your weekly solar news brief. This week, Vermont really grabbed our attention with its Energy Marketplace – Vermont Green: a real-time, blockchain-verified energy marketplace. The peer-to-peer platform was launched by Green Mountain Power and allows businesses to purchase renewable energy credits from other customers who are generating within the region. The platform is called Pando, and utilizes blockchain technology to protect customer privacy while also allowing Green Mountain Power to monitor the transactions closely.

What this means

Green Mountain Power is paving the way for a shared energy marketplace. Pando empowers homeowners to sell surplus energy directly to businesses and encourages businesses to go 100% renewable, all while keeping the transactions local. This allows a grassroots transition to renewable energy where everybody wins. Well done, Vermont. Let’s hope that other utilities will follow GMP’s lead. Want more details on Energy Marketplace – Vermont Green? Read the full article >

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