ping pong at Solar Power International

ping pong at Solar Power International

Happy Tuesday folks! This week we have a special report from the Solar Power International (SPI) conference in Salt Lake City, UT. Our Commercial Solar Guy attended and spoke at a roundtable discussion on behalf of PV Magazine. As far as trade shows are concerned, it sounds like this one was a mega-success, with approximately 19.000 attendees. You can read more about the conference on its official website.

What is Solar Power International?

According to the Solar Power International official website, the conference mission is:

…to serve and advance the solar energy industry by bringing together the people, products, and professional development opportunities that drive the solar industry and are forging its bright future.

The conference featured a long list of exhibitors (several pages!) showcasing everything from new hardware to innovative ideas and future visions. For operations and maintenance, we saw touchless snow removal and cleaning bots for solar panels. On day two, we saw a virtual reality simulation of SolarEdge’s vision and beautiful new solar batteries from CATL.  And day three featured some great tools such as the crimpers by Rennsteig Tools.

To quote the Commercial Solar Guy himself,

Getting a chance to focus on the gear, shaking the hands of the names you know from the phone, and figuring out what’s going to fit in your project the best is the meat.

What this means for you:

So if you’re looking to work with someone who invests the time and travel into staying up-to-date on the latest solar industry innovations, get in touch with the Commercial Solar Guy. 

Here’s more reading on the Solar Power International Conference, plus some additional solar news:


On the floor at SPI – touchless snow removal, perovskite tandem cells, gapless solar modules, more!