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Hey folks, Sarah here with your weekly solar roundup of the best of Commercial Solar Guy’s reporting from the previous week. In this roundup we see a new study comparing energy storage in California and Texas.  Enphase announces a plan to move into home energy management, and the city of Calistoga, CA seeks to add a community microgrid for the upcoming fire season. Pacific Gas and Electric seeks to trade project extensions for discounts on contracts, and Dominion Energy in Virginia issues an RFP for projects between 5 and 500 MWac of solar power and onshore wind.

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Image of solar panels energy storage

Wind, solar, batteries and carbon taxes in California and Texas

Researchers show how deploying 60 GW of renewables using various types of energy storage and carbon tax values in California and Texas increase CO2 reductions, while lowering electricity curtailment – but in vastly different amounts.The study was recently published the University of Michigan, and found that California will gain benefits from energy storage before Texas, due to its mix of flexible and inflexible generation and types of renewables deployed. These findings could help other states to plan their renewable strategy with energy storage in mind. Read the full article >

Enphase wants to be your home energy butler

During the second quarter Enphase shipped over 1.2 million microinverters totaling 416 MW, which upped revenue 77% year on year, and swung net income from a loss of almost $3.7 million to a profit of $11 million. The microinverter company plans to offer more complete home energy management systems, which could mean homeowners are better equipped to manage their energy consumption. Watch for announcements in the coming quarters to provide more detail. Read the full article >


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California city seeks “community microgrid” to defend against fire season

Calistoga, California has begun a feasibility analysis with Clean Coalition to build a “community microgrid” to power the city during times of high fire danger when PG&E proactively shuts off its power. As the entire city of Calistoga is surrounded by high fire risk, the potential for an energy shut down is high. A community microgrid would allow Calistoga to disconnect from the central grid while staying up and running. Read the full article >


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Bankrupt PG&E trading time for solar and storage discounts

Pacific Gas and Electric Company has requested that its bankruptcy court judge approve a 10% and 11% reduction on five contracts for solar and storage projects under development, in exchange for extensions ranging from 12 to 24 months to deliver working projects. PG&E could save at least $2 billion by shedding some of it’s pricier contracts. Read the full article >


Dominion - Woodland Solar, Isle of Wight

Ten days left to register for 500 MW of wind and solar power in Virginia

Dominion Energy is seeking 500 MWac of solar power and onshore wind, the second equally-sized installment of its rolling 3 GW clean energy procurement. The utility wants projects between 5 and 500 MWac, with an intent to bid due on August 15. Virginia’s 2018 Energy Plan requires investor-owned utilities to issue RFPs for at least 500 megawatts of solar or wind projects each year. Read the full article >


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