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Hey folks, this is Sarah here, delivering your weekly summary of Commercial Solar Guy’s best solar industry news. Last week we saw 14 project bids approved in North Carolina, Con Ed taking customers offline to deal with the heat wave in NYC, and a never seen before DC:AC ration in Simsbury, Connecticut. Oklahoma’s Skeleton Creek project, which will include solar, wind, and battery storage, is coming together. Finally, Southern Power partners with esVolta to develop four energy storage facilities.

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North Carolina utilities approve 551 MW of solar power at 3.8¢/kWh

Duke Energy has completed a solicitation for 551 MWac of solar power through its CPRE program, with average pricing between 3.79¢/kWh and 3.83¢/kWh and 20 year power contracts. The big question– did Duke energy have an unfair advantage over other developers? Read the full post >


Con Ed cuts Brooklyn off in heat wave

ConEd shuts Brooklyn off, seeks 1.21+ gigawatt-hours of batteries

While the New York utility struggles with heatwave conditions, the group issues a request for proposals for 310 MW of energy storage power with at least four hours of capacity, with projects due to complete by the end of 2022. As climate change continues to have an impact on power supply, we can expect to see the demand for solar and alternative energy to rise. Read the full post >


aerial image of solar development

A way oversized DC:AC ratio seen in the wild!

Swinerton Renewables & SolarFlex have announced a 26.4 MWac solar project, which public documents show is bigger than 48.6 MWdc – meaning a greater than 1.8:1 DC to AC ratio.Is it time to think out of the box when considering the DC:AC ration in future projects? Read the full post >


Solar panels in Oklahoma

The bones of Skeleton Creek are coming together

NextEra has announced a power purchase agreement with Western Farmers Electric Cooperative for a combined 250 MW wind farm, 250 MWac solar farm, and 200 MW / 800 MWh of energy storage in Oklahoma. The Skeleton Creek project illustrates how solar and wind energy can work in a complementary way to meet our nation’s energy needs… Read the full post >


energy storage

345 MWh energy storage investment seen as a low risk growth strategy

Southern Company has partnered with esVolta in development of four energy storage projects totaling more than 86 MW / 345 MWh located in California.Will we continue to see investment in energy storage? Read the full post >


solar hardware brief

Hardware Brief

Your weekly hardware brief from Commercial Solar Guy covers the latest solar hardware… frankly, it’s a bit beyond this blogger’s ability to summarize, but if you see something of interest you should contact Commercial Solar Guy himself. Read the full post >