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Japan building solar (freaking) parking lots

Way back in the day, the argument was that the global energy industry was too large for a simple technology as the ‘solar panel’ to scale and feed it. What’s that tiny little thing go to do when consider New York City’s power needs? Cute stuff.

Today, we debate how to deal with too much solar generated electricity.

A lot more recently, the exact same argument was made of energy storage. We don’t have enough lithium! Energy density too low! Fires! And Lions! And Tigers! And Bears!

Except today – we debate 80% soar+wind and 12 hours of storage.

Now, do understand – my position on solar roadways, right now, is coming from its potential to grow into something beautiful. Right now, these products are expensive – they’re new – they’re not mass produced. But good lord, they are full of some significant potential. And we humans have a history of innovation.

Rock on solar roadways.

SOURCEA manager at the Seven-Eleven store said, “[The solar road system] can generate 16,145 kilowatt-hours of electricity annually, covering about 9 percent of the entire electricity the store consumes.”