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€6 billion euros fewer bought 1.2GW more wind power

One of the big indicators we use to determine if we’re on track building out our new clean energy infrastructure is how much money we’re spending. $1 trillion a year is a number often suggested as what is needed to be hit. However, if you check out the tweet below – you’ll notice that the total amount of money invested in renewables is starting to flatline, while the total capacity is growing consistently.

The overall point – we’re getting more kWhs for our buck, and in the end that’s what going to save us.

SOURCEEurope invested a total of €51.2bn in wind energy in 2017.  The development of new farms accounted for €22.3bn of this. The rest of the investment went on the refinancing of existing wind farms, the acquisition of projects and of companies involved in wind and on public market fundraising. The total investment figure was 9% up on 2016. A healthy pipeline of projects is diversifying the pool of investors: 82 lenders were active in 2017, including multilateral financial institutions. Green bonds raised €17.5bn in 2017, the highest rate of issuance in the last five years. €8.5bn were in corporate renewables portfolios, €7bn in wind energy and €1.9bn in transmission lines.