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UN says shipping almost 3X more polluting than suggested – set to rise

The global shipping fleet produces about 4.5% (far higher than prior estimates in 1.5-2.5% range) of the world’s CO2. 35% of those ships – the largest ones in the world – produce 80% of that 2.5%. And interestingly, because of the nature of the fuel burned by the largest ships when at sea – 15 of them put out as much sulfur oxide and nitrogen oxide as all the world’s cars.

However, on a per mile basis – and per pound of goods transported – only railway is better than the high seas.

Now, the world is seeing shipping changes. Now, the UN is hoping to cut that number in half. Other building ‘Tesla Ships‘ – are looking to do a lot better than a cut in half.

SOURCEThe health implications of shipping emissions are most acute for Britain and other countries bordering the English Channel, one of the world’s busiest shipping lanes. A recent peer-reviewed study of shipping emissions found world shipping led directly to 60,000 deaths a year.