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Massachusetts says Exxon not so slick

This case could be one of the most important we ever see – like as a species. At some point it’s going to be illegal to pay politicians to like about climate change, or it won’t and we’ll simply have to beef up all of our institutions that do clearly state CO2 is an environmental pollutant. Exxon has been fighting back hard for three years to keep its case from the courts. I donate to Healey’s campaign specifically because of this case.

The case, fundamentally, wishes to show that Exxon and other fossil fuel groups manipulated public perception of climate change with lobbying and advertising while knowing they were in fact lying per their own internal scientific research.

SOURCE: The Massachusetts Supreme Judicial Court ruled Attorney General Maura Healey had jurisdiction to seek records to probe whether the oil company’s marketing or sale of fossil fuel products violated the state’s consumer protection law. Exxon argued that because it is incorporated in Texas and New Jersey, Healey had no basis to issue a demand for documents in 2016 to conduct a Massachusetts-based investigation of whether it misled consumers and investors. But Justice Elspeth Cypher, writing for a 6-0 court, said jurisdiction existed because of Exxon’s control over advertising conducted for about 300 franchise gas stations operating under the Exxon and Mobil brands in Massachusetts.