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Massachusetts-Quebec clean electricity link up attempted again 1.2GW HVDC line

Quebec seemingly has a whole lot of extra hydroelectricity to sell. They’re trying to figure out how to sell it. Massachusetts really wants some more clean electricity. The challenge with powerlines is that you gotta tell people what to do with their land often times – and folks in the U.S. tend not to like that…plus the politicians who still fear the green mucking things up. A recent study said that if we had a coast to coast HVDC renewable energy power line system – doing 100% solar+wind with a bit of storage is easy. Keep that in mind when you worry about your own backyard (nimby).

SOURCENew England Clean Energy Connect includes a 1200 megawatt high-voltage direct current transmission line linking the electrical grids in Québec and New England. Host communities in western Maine will see direct economic gains from the investment and share in the regional benefits of lower energy costs and reduced greenhouse gas emissions. Maine county and municipal officials, business leaders, and policymakers have given strong support for the project.