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$2 million to research offshore wind affect on Moby Dick

According to local legend – New Bedford, Massachusetts has the highest grossing fishing port in the United States. About $1 billion – and I’m happy to enjoy the harvests of scallops…oh, yes I am. With that though – the questions become, how will gigawatts worth of wind power affect fishing? To the place where Moby Dick was written it matters. Initial research suggests nothing, some suggest significant benefits. Massachusetts continues its 1.6GW push.

SOURCE$1 million for a Bay State Wind Marine Science Grant Program for directed fisheries resources research on the Bay State Wind lease area. Funded projects will focus on addressing specific questions and concerns raised by the fishing industry. Woods Hole Oceanography Institute would receive a $500,000 multi-year grant for the development of advanced whale detection systems, and the New England Aquarium Right Whale Research Project and the Lobster Foundation of Massachusetts would each receive $250,000 to prevent gear entanglement of the North Atlantic Right Whale. Center for Coastal Studies — $5,000 annual grant (up to 5 years) for the Marine Debris Program to promote marine waste reduction and recycling initiatives. National Ocean Science Bowl/Blue Lobster Bowl — $5,000 annual grant (up to 5 years) to support the highly regarded high school Ocean Science Education Program and encourage students to enter into the renewable energy field. Mitigation and Monitoring Advisory Panel — Bay State Wind will develop a panel that includes North Atlantic Right Whale specialists, acousticians and environmental representatives to help build a mitigation and monitoring plan.