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LADWP increases rates yet again, solar users continue to save

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A severe drought in the state of California over the past couple of years has caused many conscious citizens to cut back significantly on their water use due to fines for excessive water usage and environmental consciousness. Though these measures taken by Los Angeles improve the condition of the state’s drought, residents are clearly unhappy with their cut back on water as the Los Angeles Department of Water and Power (LADWP) increases rates.

Recently, LADWP increases rates on water yet again by 4% for homeowners in Los Angeles. While residents have worked hard to conserve water, less consumption of water resources have led to lower revenue for LADWP. In fact, they allegedly suffer losses of about $110 million from what they usually collect. With no other option to recover the loss, LADWP was forced to increase rates on residents. Beyond the control of users, situations like these pose trouble to our pockets. Disturbing our monthly balance, it forces us to look around for ways of conservation.

Homeowners who utilize solar panels offset how LADWP increases rates quite often on water and electricity alike.  Along with offering a clean source of renewable energy, making use of solar energy to generate electricity has many financial benefits. It is essential to create as much expense certainty as possible while utility companies charge unpredictable rates. Solar panels lower overall monthly cost, use of solar energy for powering our appliances shall definitely help us in the long run.

Uncertain costs vs. Fixed costs

The only thing consistent about the way that LADWP increases rates is how inconsistent they are in doing so.

With solar energy minimizes uncertainties and as homeowners can expect a fixed monthly plan. Flexible options offered by solar companies make it possible to invest into this renewable resource with total ease. Though installation of solar panels involve initial cost, they provide unlimited independent energy for homeowners with locked in rates, so they avoid unpredictable expenses on their energy bills as much as possible.

Adding value to your home while combating how LADWP increases rates

Installation of solar panels add to the value of your house. Offering an edge in the market, these clean options command an indisputable increase in value. With increase in resale cost of houses, it benefits the homeowner when they decide to sell their home. Learn in depth how solar panels increase the value of your home.

Cutting back your bills, with tax breaks, too

State of California offers numerous tax benefits in the federal tax domain. With federal income tax breaks up to 30%, it definitely serves as a motivational factor. Encouraging more residents to switch to solar power, such incentives offered by the government certainly help our pockets. So not only do solar panels help combat when LADWP increases rates, but when a homeowner installs them, they receive tax breaks themselves.

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