Participants in Clark Public Utilities’ community solar project will gather to celebrate the project’s completion with a ribbon-cutting ceremony at the community solar array Wednesday morning.
Community solar projects allow individuals within communities to pool their money to purchase shares of a solar array and split the benefits. Clark Public Utilities divided each of the 272 panels in an array into 12 “shares,” priced them at $100, and allowed participants to purchase up to 100 of the 3,264 shares.

The array was to be constructed on community property – in this case, a formerly empty corner of Clark Public Utilities’ Orchards location at 8600 NE 117th Avenue – and participants would receive generation credits for electricity sold back into the grid.

In addition to generation credits of $.0816 per kW generated, participants will receive a state incentive of $1.08 per kW, which is double the home solar incentive of $.54 but is only scheduled to last until 2020.

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