Vivint Solar to use LG’s RESU residential energy storage system

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The nation’s third-largest residential solar company is rolling out the batteries first in California, with plans to offer them nationwide by the end of 2018. May 17, 2018John WeaverVivint Solar is planning to offer LG Chem RESU batteries with its solar power installations. Among the nation’s three largest residential solar companies, they are playing a bit of catch up to Tesla and Sunrun, who have been long working with energy storage.LG Chem offers a family of energy storage products – including the RESU residential unit, a shipping container ancillary service unit, cells for laptops and phones, battery modules and the racks that hold those for UPS purposes, and automotive also. A nice PDF defines some of the technical specifications – including the residential data below.The energy storage systems come in…
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Huawei and Locus to monitor residential solar power from Amazon’s cloud

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The three companies are coming together to monitor Huawei’s competitor to SolarEdge and Enphase: the FusionHome Smart Energy Solution. May 16, 2018John WeaverAt some point, there will be an attack on the distributed energy resources of the world. Over the past couple of years we’re heard much of state sponsored network intrusion experts (hackers) quietly probing the electricity generation facilities of the United States, possibly leaving strategic backdoors.We know this happens because we know the United States did it to an Iranian nuclear facility.Huawei has picked Locus Energy, who uses Amazon’s cloud, t0 monitor Huawei’s FusionHome Smart Energy Solution. This product, partially a competitor to SolarEdge and Enphase, is due to launch in the United States in the summer in 2018.A Huawei press release stresses the security of Amazon’s cloud. Bates…
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Tesla Powerwall adds time-based control

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A software update for the Powerwall 2 home energy storage system adds controls to allow owners to take advantage of time of use electricity rates in California and other states May 15, 2018John Weaver Tesla has enabled ‘Time-Based Controls‘ on its Powerwall 2 in a recent update. The controls are built to allow load shifting so customers can maximize electricity savings.According to the battery maker, the Powerwall has an array of electrical current sensors that monitor energy usage and solar energy production, as well as “intelligent forecasting software” to predict future usage and production.The manufacturer suggested that through the use of this software, Powerwall “learns” and will optimize when it charges and discharges to maximize production. An email was sent to the company requesting further comments on the functionality of these “learning”…
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