Construction firm purchases wind farm plus its high voltage power line

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"Pattern Energy Group 2 has acquired the 1GW Mesa Canyons wind farm and Western Spirit transmission line in New Mexico from Clean Line Energy Partners for an undisclosed amount." Just thought it was interesting that construction firm who plans to build also bought the power line rights. I know they're intertwined to make things happen, but interesting to see nonetheless. (more…)
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Vivint Solar to use LG’s RESU residential energy storage system

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The nation’s third-largest residential solar company is rolling out the batteries first in California, with plans to offer them nationwide by the end of 2018. May 17, 2018John WeaverVivint Solar is planning to offer LG Chem RESU batteries with its solar power installations. Among the nation’s three largest residential solar companies, they are playing a bit of catch up to Tesla and Sunrun, who have been long working with energy storage.LG Chem offers a family of energy storage products – including the RESU residential unit, a shipping container ancillary service unit, cells for laptops and phones, battery modules and the racks that hold those for UPS purposes, and automotive also. A nice PDF defines some of the technical specifications – including the residential data below.The energy storage systems come in…
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Vivint Solar grows revenue on lower volume

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The residential solar power company continues its focus on higher profits, hinting at strong growth potential in coming quarters as sales teams settle into their new pipelines. May 9, 2018John WeaverVivint Solar installed 40 megawatts of solar power in Q1 2018. This is down from 46 MW a year ago, and also down from 45 MW in the fourth quarter of last year. And in contrast to the trend over the last two years, the company’s deployment of third-party solar saw a slight increase, while direct sales of solar fell 38%.However, the revenue from the solar the company has deployed has increased significantly. Vivint’s $68 million in total revenue for the quarter was 28% higher than Q1 2017, and 2% over Q4 2017. Of the roughly $15 million in growth…
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Dividend’s solar power securitization receives industry’s first “AA” rating

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Dividend Finance has closed a $104 million residential solar loan securitization, following on its first $129 million securitization in October 2017. April 25, 2018John WeaverSolar is becoming a powerful force as an asset class.Solar provides revenue generation capability via decades of electricity production. Private equity loves the idea of building solar from the ground up. Developers love the idea of owning the rights to projects. And increasingly, we’re seeing residential solar loan companies come into their own to replace to retreating solar lease.As part of these trends, Dividend Finance has now closed on its second residential solar loan securitization, as the first solar asset-backed security to receive an “AA” rating from the Kroll Bond Rating Agency (KBRA).The portfolio valued at $105 million portfolio has also received “green bond” designation from…
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