Panasonic and Pika up the pace

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Pika Energy has increased its home battery capacity to 17.1 kWh – about half an average home’s daily usage. The units are powered by Panasonic lithium-ion cells. May 24, 2018John WeaverIf we take the results of surveys as truth, then 74% of solar customers are interested in energy storage. That 74% is interested for different reasons: a few because the technology is cool and Elon sells it, some as a backup in case of power outage, others to arbitrage use (TOU) rates in California, a few to protect against natural disasters, and some just to stick it to the man.While prices are still settling downward, manufacturers have a little bit of time to get their features right, and also make sure they figure out the right storage sizes and solar power…
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Tesla Powerwall adds time-based control

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A software update for the Powerwall 2 home energy storage system adds controls to allow owners to take advantage of time of use electricity rates in California and other states May 15, 2018John Weaver Tesla has enabled ‘Time-Based Controls‘ on its Powerwall 2 in a recent update. The controls are built to allow load shifting so customers can maximize electricity savings.According to the battery maker, the Powerwall has an array of electrical current sensors that monitor energy usage and solar energy production, as well as “intelligent forecasting software” to predict future usage and production.The manufacturer suggested that through the use of this software, Powerwall “learns” and will optimize when it charges and discharges to maximize production. An email was sent to the company requesting further comments on the functionality of these “learning”…
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