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The article talks about a few techniques that will be used to recycle solar panels. Silver is one of the more valuable pieces of the process, but the high purity glass might be a revenue driver as well. The disassembly of the aluminum frames might be an issue due to high labor costs – sounds like a job for a robot to me. There is going to be a very significant need for this service, and that need is going to drive value. This work is happening in Europe and China as well.

NPC has developed a process called the hot knife method, which can separate the cells of a panel from the glass in about 40 seconds. The panel is placed between two rollers, which move it along and hold it steady until it runs into a “hot knife” — a 1 meter-long, 1 centimeter-thick steel blade that is heated to 180-200 C and slices the cell and the glass apart.

SOURCE: Japan tries to chip away at mountain of disused solar panels

By John Fitzgerald Weaver

John Fitzgerald Weaver is a solar developer; known digitally as the 'Commercial Solar Guy.' As a project developer and installer, he’s sold and managed 50+ solar projects, valued over $25 million, ranging in size from 5kW to 1500kW. He’s been involved in many aspects of the solar supply chain –- as a company founder, developer, project manager, manufacturer, permit runner, salesman, contractor and financier. In his free time he tries to get away and clear his mind by climbing mountains, or more regularly by enjoying an IPA or scotch, and really loves the strange connection between politics, energy, finance, and environment in the energy world.

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