‘Virtual self-consumption’ – EV enabled

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A few days ago I read about an electricity utility and a blockchain company coming together to offer companies guaranteed ‘on the grid’ green electricity. The utility says customers have expressed ‘tracebility’ of the electricity was of value

Wes Herche, a real smart guy out in Arizona chimed in:

Then I saw this ‘virtual self-consumption’ term in an IEA-PVPS report talking about EV growth. Virtual self consumption (to me) means you take into consideration your electricity everywhere, and you might just be bringing a battery along to plug in when you get there.

If we all bought 100kWh electric cars – we’d have almost two full days of the US grid backup sitting in our driveways, or our offices, or the mall, etc – all places where you might be increasing the load, and maybe the accessible electricity assets as well.