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Tesla Solar Roof – RGS Energy Powerhouse – Hanergy Solar – and others. The market definitely believes that you homeowners are interested in a product different than standard rectangle solar panels. In my history of residential solar construction, I met plenty of homeowners who were focused on aesthetics.

The Harergy play is interesting for two reasons 1. Hanergy is a big company and can make something happen. 2. Hanergy is using a thin film solar cell, and they are one of the world’s leaders at making a high efficiency thin film product.

SOURCEThe new Hantile features a single rather than double layer of glass with each tile weighing only 5.2 kg (~11.5 lb). With Hantile, Hanergy has pioneered the use of ultra-white tempered glass, which features a transmittance level of 91.5%, and possesses extreme durability and ability to withstand heavy impacts. The single glass Hantile is also highly wind resistant and able to generate power at temperatures ranging from -40 to 85 degrees Celsius, and humidity higher than 85%. Hantile features a life cycle of up to 30 years, longer than traditional roof tiles.

Here are my images of the Hanergy Solar shingles last September – Front Side:


By John Fitzgerald Weaver

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